Before you even ask the bins are from Uline.
My Favorite way to store 8.5 x 11 paper is file cabinets and this vertical cabinet I just got is perfect! It's a bit wide but very narrow. Gave tons of room in my door way.
This is the wall of my house as you come the gate that leads to the studio!
Just love my portable tote caddie!
Bran new Mapping Drawers to store all my retired stamps. I love that I can sort them into categories now!

 These are photos of my Studio. I feel so blessed to have this space. My dear Hubby and I had to build this free standing studio after running out of rooms in our house. Our 2 Girls needed there own rooms so Mom got kicked out. I don't think that was such a bad thing! LOL. The room is 14 by 18 feet and one wall is all cabinets with a counter top. I love having the cabinets. One fact you should know is that the cabinets were found used at a local used building supplier for only $100! The counter top cost 3 times that! We saved on a lot of supplies to build this room so check used before new EVERY time. I also believe that every piece of furniture or store must match the color theme in the room. This keeps my room looking more clutter free. I would drive nuts to have each item a different busy color. So try color matching if your space is feeling cluttered!  If I get enough request I will do a video walk through of my Fabulous space. 

Let me know what you think!

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