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A centuries old English tradition states that a bride would have good luck throughout her married life if she wore the following on her wedding day:  

                Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue,                           ...And a sixpence in her shoe.

Our Trademark and business plan is to offer timeless, traditional, keepsake garters with a twist! We all know the saying: something old, something new... but do you remember the sixpence in your shoe?  We here at SomethingBlue4U do, and we would like to help keep the tradition alive! Lose the hassle of taping a penny inside those strappy sandals, or worry about it pressing into your toes during your bride and groom dance! That is why we offer all of our garters  with the option of adding our signature Penny Pocket. Once the Penny or Sixpence in inserted it is locked to stay, making this a Keepsake worth handing down for generations to come. 

Our garters come in the following:

  • Any size you need - Just measure your upper thigh!
  • Traditional Keepsake Garter
  • Penny Pocket
  • Toss-Away Garters
  • Themes - Comic, Sexy, Fun, Personal
  • We can match your Wedding Colors
  • Plenty of pre-designed garters to buy now
  • Custom painted Football for tossing your Toss-Away garter
  • and more...

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To purchase one of these lovely garters and other merchandise text, call or email us for a list of prices and selection. Our shop online is temporally closed for redesigning.

Thanks! -Rachel  520-971-4509  or

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