Hi, and thank you for your interest in our tote bags we shared at convention!

I am going to walk you though a simple way to create your own plastic bag fabric. For all my tips, pattern and step by step sewing guide for the above photoed project you will need to order that though me. Please check the "4-Sale" tab on this site for more information.

How to create your own "Plastic Fabric":

Supplies: Iron, Heat resistant surface/Ironing board, Parchment Paper and lots of Plastic Store Shopping Bags

Step one:  You will need 6 layers of plastic bags. You can use the bag whole or cut it open. Be sure all handles and pleats are removed/opened.

Step two: Place all your layers neatly stacked on a heat resistant surface. Ironing boards work well. Be sure to place a layer of Parchment Paper UNDER and ABOVE your layers of plastic. Do not place your iron directly on to the plastic or it will stick!

Step three: Take a well heated up iron on a Med to High setting and slowly PRESS the plastic together. Pressing means you press and hold for a count of about 3. 1-2-3... move the iron to a new spot. Work in a pattern back and forth along your project. Flip the "fabric" over, be sure your parchment paper is place below and above your fabric and press the back. Flip it back to the front and press the wrinkles out and maybe one more time on the back.

Tip: You may want to practice this step a few times until you are happy with the effect.

Have fun! 



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