Cloth Face Mask

Cloth Face Mask for Sale...

We always have more then what we can post on this website. So if your looking for something special or need a custom logo, size, design or just have a question... please contact use directly! 
CALL ME DIRECTLY AT 520-971-4509. Thanks

 I pride myself in making quality well made products and my line of cotton cloth face mask are no exception! We are happy to be here to help cover your face and help you feel better in style! We are the designers and makers of these quality, comfortable, breathable, washable and cute cotton cloth face mask. Each mask is made from 100% cotton fabric. The mask is 3 layers thick; outer print layer, inner dust cloth layer and a cotton lining. All from new material. Our strings are made from recycled high quality knit scraps from a local designer I work with. The are so soft and stretchy you will never want elastic again! We do offer extra strings separately. Your order can be picked up locally in Tucson, AZ or have it Shipped anywhere in the USA.

  We offer:
  • Fitted
  • Pleated
  • New J9... Fitted with out a center seam!
  • Pixie Fun Mask
  • 3D Stlye (AKA Ninja)
  • Universal - our Premium mask 
  • Lots of sizes
  • Mask for Kids
  • Custom



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