Gift Wrapping Christmas Party!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting to wrap that special preset in a very special way. I have fond memories as a child of spending time at Levy’s Department store at El Con were my Grandmother worked…watching the ladies wrap those beautiful presents! Let me share my love of gift wrap with you this Holiday season!

Event: Holiday Gift Wrapping Party

Date: Friday, Dec 11th

Time: 6-9pm or latter…

Location: Rachel’s Studio

Cost: only $5 for the studio time. NO cost for wrapping!

Must RSVP by Dec 10th please!

Gift Exchange: $10 or less present. New or graciously used craft or personal gift is welcome. If you bring a gift you can exchange for a gift!


What: This is an annual event I love to host. We will start in the house with some Food, Drinks!! And the gift exchange. Then if you are interested in wrapping a few gifts in that extra special way come on back to the studio around 7:30 to Wrap. Stay as late as you like. No cost this year per present wrapped just the $5 for the Studio time. Tips are always welcome.  You are also welcome to bring a snack or drink to share and the Men in your lives are welcome to come and hang out by the fire and enjoy some Cigars and Scotch with Scott! Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours!